Gir National Park – Everything You Want to Know


Sasan Gir is an ideal destination for leisure travelers and wildlife lovers. The main wild life sanctuary is widely known as the Sasan Gir National Park.

History of Gir National Park

Gir National Park

Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, this wildlife sanctuary and national park first came into fame in 1965.

It was originally created in 1913 to protect the large surviving groups of Asiatic Lions. But in 1965, it was given the status of Gir National Park.

That was a time when the Asiatic Lions were close to being an extinct species, but since 1980 the mighty lions has been steadily rising since 1980. And today it is the only spot where the wildlife lovers can spot the pubertad Asiatic Lions.

Exploring the woods of Sasan Gir while taking a safari is a joyous ride even if you are not spotting any lions. You will be able to witness other wildlife & myriad bird species here.

You can only get access to the Gir forest through a safari permit. You can book Gir lion safari online from their website and almost every resort & hotel in Sasan Gir offers the package that offers the stay option along with the safari booking.

Best Time to Visit Gir National Park

Gir National Park

The best time of any day to observe the lions in their natural habitat (surroundings) is at dawn & dusk. These are the times when they are on the prowl.

These mighty Asiatic Lions are elusive creatures and thus morning safari offers you a good chance to spot them compared to a hot afternoon safari. If you choose a morning slot and you are lucky enough, you might spot more than one.

Affluent Wildlife of Sasan Gir

wildlife sanctuary in gujarat

Lions are not the only attraction in Sasan Gir National Park, besides lion you will find a wide variety of wild animals like wild boar, panther, bear, sambar, spotted deer, leopard, hyena, Nilgai, chinkara, jungle cat, common langur, black buck, mongoose, four horned antelope and Indian chousingha.

The forest area of Sasan Gir also includes the Nalsarovar lake and sanctuary and thus you will find so many migratory birds as well. Paradise flycatcher, bush quail, flamingo, parrot, peacock, partridge are the varieties of birds that might be found in the Gir forest.

In addition to all of these diverse animals and birds, the rich flora and fauna of the forest added another charm to the national park. Overall you will have a fascinating experience exploring the Gir national park.

Where to stay in Sasan Gir?

best hotels in sasan gir

The Gir Harmony Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sasan Gir that offers the most comfortable accommodation options at budget rates. And your advanced booking for safari will also be taken care of by them.

If you are interested to know more in details about Sasan Gir Lion safari or want to make an advanced Lion safari booking or a hotel booking in Sasan Gir, The Gir Harmony Hotel is the right place for you.

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