Sasan Gir Lion Safari Packages


Are you looking for Sasan Gir lion safari packages to have one of the most incredible wildlife experiences of your life??

The Gir Harmony Hotel has come up with so many exclusive Sasan Gir lion safari packages for you to come face to face with the Asiatic lions in Sasan Gir National Park.

Sasan Gir lion safari packages

So, get ready with your near & dear ones to feel the thrill while you witness the king of the jungle in his natural habitat @Sasan Gir National park.

Best Time To Visit

Sasan Gir lion safari packages

The Sasan Gir National Park is open for the tourists with the best Sasan Gir Lion safari packages in winter & summer seasons.

Because in monsoon, it is difficult to explore the jungle area due to rain and muddy tracks. So, the park is closed in monsoon season for the tourists.

Winter is indeed the best season to explore the jungle of Sasan Gir.

As the animals can’t bear too much heat, winter is the perfect season for them to roam around in jungle areas throughout the day.

While in summer the lions or other animals roam around in the jungle in early morning or late evening in the search of food and water.

So, make sure you choose the early morning 6 o’clock safari or the one with the late evening time where there is not too much sun heat.

Things To Take Along On Safari

Sasan Gir lion safari packages

Make sure you are wearing clothes that merge along with the color of the jungle as well as natural surroundings. Do not wear too bright colored clothes.

If you are visiting in the winter season, please carry a sweater, sweatshirt or a shawl to keep yourself warm from the cold weather.

If you are visiting in the summer season, make sure you have sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the extreme heat of summer heat.

Another important thing to be carried with you is a steel bottled water because plastic bottles are not allowed to take along while going for jungle safari.

Also keep your ID cards handy in your carry bags if needed for verification for your online Sasan Gir safari booking.

Where To Stay

Sasan Gir lion safari packages

The Gir Harmony Hotel is the perfect place for you to stay if you are planning to explore Sasan Gir.

It is not only the best family hotel in Sasan Gir, but also one of the most popular budget hotels in Sasan Gir.

We have the finest accommodation options that comprises deluxe double rooms, deluxe triple rooms & family rooms that are fit to accommodate a couple as well as a family or a group of friends.

We offer the best hospitality services, amazing accommodation options, delicious multi cuisine food and everything that you need to make your stay comfortable with your loved ones.

For more details please visit our website on or call on +91-8799104220 for booking enquiries or customized package details.

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