Things to Do in Sasan Gir


Welcome to the jungle of Sasan Gir

things to do in sasan gir

Once you are landed in Sasan Gir, you will find so many interesting activities and adventures waiting for you. Upon your arrival you can get fresh-n-up and get ready to embrace the new world you have entered into.

Get ready to see the unexplored charm of Sasan Gir forest, meet new people, know about their history, and learn about the streets and shops!! We know you are already feeling an urge to do all of that right now. Isn’t it??

Start moving your feet & get to know the area a little more, let the possibilities wash over as you are ready to explore the new region with your family & friends.

Here you will feel the calm breeze or air whispering through your hair, asking you not to stop and move further to explore this beautiful place you have come to.

  • Sasan Gir National Park
  • Devalia Safari Park
  • Bird Watching
  • Animal Spotting
  • Jungle Trail
  • Jungle Cycling
  • Mountain Hiking
  • Visit Somnath Temple & Beach
  • Souvenir shopping

Experience & visit all the above mentioned places and you will be having the most wonderful time of your life.

Let your loved ones enjoy the trip while you make some sweet memories to cherish for life. Let the child inside you come out and forget about all the hustle & bustle of your life.

Sweep away all the chaos of your modern metropolis life & choose the endless adventures that are waiting for you on your way to Sasan Gir.

Where to stay in Sasan Gir?

hotels in sasan gir

The Gir Harmony Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sasan Gir for family & friends groups. Here you will get the roar of the city life as well as the quiet solitude of the forest that you crave on your vacation.

You will get everything you need to get started for a wonderful trip to Sasan Gir with The Gir Harmony.

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